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mike bataklank

dj michael
born at 1987; lives in belgium (the creators of new beat music at the time, house ....)
when i was (15-16) i was i bedroom dj (yes the music was and still is my first love), checking in clubs there music and trying to get the name of artist - song they played at that time
(in belgium the kings club was/still is the place to be,  i was way to young for that club but hey we are no angels
a couple years ago me and my friend started BataklanK MusiK
(we played @ chivas, Crayeken, played at retro party's with new year .... and many private party's) and had or own concept with 2 other friends called (HOUSE VIBEZZ)
at the moment still playing for BataklanK MusiK, also @ (best underground music from the u.k, and little by little bit i'm creating my own house music


Czech Dj in Spain dedicated to Techno and House music, starts his career 10 years ago with trance progressive music. In 2016 with his college VAN FOXX founded Nature Sound Underground group for new talented djs now is cofounder of T-Flowmass deep undeground crew with Ziggy Flow-Tek and LEON D. Since 2015 try to produce own tracks

bass since 73

Dj name Bass since 73 info. Hi guys I'm 46 from Newark UK love my funky house electro acid been djing on and of last fifteen years hope you like wats coming up with my mixes


​Long Beach , CA bass*bin, produces/mixes dance floor oriented electronic music in various styles including Tech House, Deep House, Techno, DnB, Bass House, Ambient, and other fitting grooves, in various formats, with a true passion for the Art and Musicians/Composers of Electronic Dance Music, that spans well over a Decade since 2003 - Opened the RELEASE stage for #clustxr 2018 Festival, as well as, an Underground DJ at many East Coast Gatherings/RAVES Chas./Hunt. WV Cbus. OH, and Winch. IN, throughout the years. Live Set every Saturday - 12am-2am GMT 4pm-6pm PST 7pm-9pm EST "It never Rains in the Underground"


I'M Rodick aka Adano. I’m 37 years old from Hungary. I started djing in 2010 to entertain myself and my environment. The music was always my life, i like and listen to a lot of music style. I play in few genre Drum & Bass, Techno, Tech house. By the end of the year 2016, I got opportunities from my friends who have been in the profession for more than 25 years. They want to show my knowledge for general public . The audience liked it, so I got the opportunity for the next event. Since then, I have been trying to give back this trust for my friends. Each time I give 200% to add good feelings with my mix to audience.

darren poore

Darren has been djing and involved in the dance music scene in one way or another for over 25 years. Early days were rooted in the rave and early jungle scene playing warehouse and club nights around the south east and London. As music evolved into its many genres it was hard to pin down a specific category of dance music to get pigeon holed in so that didnt happen. Darren to this day will combine multi genres of dance music into sets from Techno & Tech House to Old Skool house or even favourite jungle classics from back in the Day.


Ricardo also known as Richard/Dj STATiK was born on April 3, his love for music started at the age of 13, watching his uncles and cousins Dj. From the beautiful city of Chicago IL Statik still enjoys playing at venues throughout the city.

mista c

I’m a London born Bangkok based Drum and Bass DJ with over 20 years experience on the decks. Starting out on 1210’s at the age of 15 my early career was progressing well playing for major promotions like Helter Skelter and Innovation. My DJ influences include the mighty Andy C and Mampi Swift. Catch me each and every Saturday morning at 9am for 2 hours of weekend breakfast Drum and Bass.

north by north

So started djing back in 94/95 in a club in Scarborough called toffs.... we did a underground night on a Saturday then moved back over to Leeds in 2000 and ran my own techno night called tab at the Leeds warehouse . From there I've played many of underground nights and parties in London, Leeds, York and Scarborough. From djing I started to produce my own music and one of my tracks featured in the top 10 techno tracks of the month on a digital download site . To be honest I rushed with the music production and put out music I wasn't 100% loving (or able to make ) but now have some absolute top tunes in the pipeline just looking for the right record label to be part of . My dj/producer name is NORTH BY NORTH . 43 years young Currently living in liverpool but originally from Leeds.


Grew up in the US of W.V. been DJing for almost 2 years now. I'm 30, and my birthday is June 15th 1988.

Yes that means I am a Gemini and born on the Year of the Dragon. That means I am two souls locked in 1 body bringing the fiery heat of the music making it go as wild as I am.

I like to play some Grimy Dirty Dubstep, Trap, Bass, and Riddim.

You can call me...

dj moore

’m a DJ from northwest of the UK. I Fell in love with dance music


and djing at 15 and have played ever since. My sound is everything


from deep house to the harder and darker sounds of EDM. My sets


will reflect how I’m feeling subconsciously and consciously.

big dean

Birthday 10/15/1979. Born and raised in Edwards Mississippi, Jamie aka Dj Big


Dean has been a music lover all his life. He grew up in a household that listened to


Gospel music, R&B, Hip Hop, Blues, Pop, Rock, and even Country music. He's been


Djing for 10 years, doing clubs, house parties to weddings.

jamie thomas

Jamie's DJd in a number of clubs in London. Had a residency in the West End of London.

Won a DJ Magazine regional heat (in Liverpool). DJd in locations all over Europe, and more recently in New Zealand (Queenstown and Waikato), and in the ski fields of

Austria. Why not?

dj divine

DJ Divine

Resident DJ- VJ Pose Ultra Lounge National Harbor

Daylight DC  Resident DJ

Audio-Video Production - Promotions - Consulting

Nightlife Industry DJ for over 30 years in the Nation's Capitol Washington DC

Grew Up on Turntables and carried Crates Until 2006. Now performing on Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Controller SZ. Currently at my residency at Pose Ultra Lounge I play music of all genres and era's. My show will consist of Soulful House and Dance Classics.

@djdivinedc on Twitter and Instagram

big shaq

 Shaquille “Big Shaq “ Ndlela is a self taught passionate underground Dj who started playing at school functions. Big Shaq as he is known in Secunda, South Africa is an Afro and Deep Tech Head. He is known for breaking new ground and dropping new material. He plays at clubs and corporate functions.His Moto is “Do it until you get it right.”

dj dunk

Hi all, I'm Michael aka Dj Dunk I've been djing for the past 18 years working my way up from the bottom to almost hitting the top I'm very open minded when it comes to music from back in the day right through to the present day. I do love my old skool club classics, UK garage, bassline, Drum & Bass, Mash-Ups, Remixes and anything basically that gets you moving with a beat. Catch me live every Monday from 8pm till 10pm.

fitz e

“Fully Fledged Funky kicking the statistics with musical beats” DJ Fitz E stems from the pioneering area of the funk scene in Manchester 80’s-90’s. Born and bred in Manchester of Jamaican parentage, his first foray into music was as Fusion/Body Popper Dancer in All Nighter’s. Initially known as DJ Man Egg he played up North in prominent venue such as Linerker’s and Radio Love Energy L’Amour 99.7 FM. With a move to London Fitz E homed his style playing at 90’s Camden Town institution WKD to Open Deck Vinyl’s at Styxx in Tottenham. He champions the finest and perfectly curated tunes of 80’s-90’s R&B, Hip Hop, Soulful House, Old Skool and UK Garage. Party people: see you on the dance floor! *1st Vinyl: “Champagne” - How About Us *Last track bought: “Audrey Hall” – One Dance *Equipment: Technic 12/10 Analogue, Panasonic *Influence: Booker T III, Mr Finger, Wookie, Barbara Lynn, Joy Ridder, MJ Cole, Artful Dodger *Genre of Music played: Old Skool, 80’s/90’s Hip Hop, R&B, UK Garage, Soulful House *Why Vinyl: It will never go out of fashion , I love the sensory factors and effect when playing them, and most importantly that unique sound that even digital can’t match! *Open Deck selection: Joy Rider , Old skool Hip Hop, MJ Cole

nitro p

They call me DJ Nitro P, I been working the tables for 10 years, out in the Portland, Maine USA Area, just not in front of an active audiences. I started 4 years ago working the clubs DJ ing. People loved it. I wanted to be on a radio station but most of the stations here are hip hop only. Even the clubs I work at are mostly hip hop. I love to make people dance and move. My unique style of mixing songs together to make something totally new on the fly and hear people love it. Makes me adventure more and more to other stations and even trying things in the clubs. I love it when I play music and see tons of people dancing knowing they are having a good time.  Nitro P comes from NitroPowers which was my name I was using since I was 18 mixing live music. Love mixing dance music, and hearing how good people like it and are dancing to the same music I like ! So Let's get the party Started ! Put your hands up for “ DJ Nitro P”



I’m Oswick.

Coming from Northern Ireland I’ve been dropping Drum&Bass regularly on my show on Belfast Underground Radio for nearly 3 years bringing in some sweet liquid dnb, deep rollers, jump-up and jungle.

My love for dnb is not exclusive with my influences  and passions coming from many parts of the musical spectrum… so I’m planning on bringing some quality house and techno along too.


Hi, I am dj dgb and I will be bringing the music to you from North England. As reflected by my current style of tunes, my love for dance music is electric. I will be covering the broad church that encompasses House and Techno. I was brought up with music as a big part of my life and after massive festival experiences listening my DJ heroes I decided to get turntables and go for it. Over a decade later with numerous local and overseas live sets survived, I will bring the most funky House vibes through to the most banging Techno to my sets. You can catch me here on Monday’s from 12 midday. Check out my Facebook communitydj dgb229 members

ryan bates

Deep & Tech House based on the south coast of the UK.
Member of the Bournemouth Universty DJ/MC & Producer society - SOCIETY
Been Djing as a hobby since the age of 17, learning to mix on vinyl before moving on to CDJs Started playing a mixture of Club-house and 00s classics until finding love for underground Deep and Tech-house.
Started playing in a few spots near my hometown before moving down to Bournemouth to begin my degree in Computer Networks.
In the last year, I’ve recently got back into DJing and re-ignited my passion for the art of mixing records.
As a member of the BU DJ/MC & Producer society, i've recently been playing in the in a few places around Bournemouth with more sets to come.


Arjen van Roijen (AvR) is a in the ruhr area based german DJ, mostly known for his former residencys at the now discontinued international radio station and several german radio stations like and Comming from the likes of dance and trance in the late 90s and early 2000s, Arjen is still driven and fascinated by melodic sound until this day, elevating his sound constantly to new levels. In his now twentyeth year of djing he is rocking the ether and dancefloors once more with his signature sound, combinig the likes of melodic house & techno with tech house, edm and minimal sounds.

chris wise

Chris Wise has had a passion for all things dance from an early age, with influences going right back to the early rave scene and then the supper club era. Originally learning to mix on turntables, and experimenting with various genres, Chris learnt the essential DJing skills. After a long break from DJing Chris is back but embracing the digital format and focusing on House. House music has been a passion since childhood and remained so through lots of other styles. Chris appreciates all forms of House and trys to reflect this in his DJ sets, creating a eclectic style.

mr bernz

Mr Bernz "The best DJs aren't the people that play the most popular tunes, its the person who plays the most unexpected tune at the right time" DJ Jazzy Jeff Mr Bernz, born and raised in the City of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa, played at various national clubs and private functions steadily falling in love with the progression of house music.Starting his Dj career at the age of 14, Mr Bernz is an old skool DJ from the days of vinyl through to the current floor fillers, and is known for throwing in an unexpected acapella or wicked transision. Mr Bernz's moved through to the land of sand and palm trees in Qatar where he is resident at popular night clubs and events, most notably "The Unknown Concert", Qatar's first gig of its kind. A love for all music encompassing multiple genres. He isn't limited and refuses to leave a crowd not wanting more. He isn't afraid to blend music that isn't usually accepted as mainstream, the crowd is his muse and the music is for them.

dj pontes

Hello im Dj Pontes I begin to spin in 2015. My favorits genres are, Jose,Tech House, Progressive and Melodic Hose and Techno. About 1 Year ago i bigin to produce my tracks but antil now I just finish 3.


DJ SinCity is a up n coming House/Tech House DJ and Producer, fresh on the scene playing the very best in all upfront house music

faze & kode

Two 24 year old DJs & Producers from Essex. Residents for Max Chapman’s SWING events. Purveyors of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Our love for music comes from our music oriented familys. ‘Faze’ grew up listening to Ska, Funk & Soul, in the mean time ‘Kode’ grew up listening to 90’s dance and Nu-Skool House music and later Baseline and Techno. We love to spend hours in record shops digging for them unknown weapons. Expect deep grooves and rolling bass lines with a twist. Played at venues such as Ministry Of Sound London and The Cause alongside some of the biggest names in the industry including Leftwing:Kody, Max Chapman and Maxinne just to name a few.


Born and raised in Southern California, Martini has been integrated in the Socal music scene for years. From writing his own acoustic album and spearheading his band, to throwing events and getting dusty on the desert dance floor. Martini continues to push his sound, spreading groovy house and melodic techno all through the underground scene.

ap sauce

Dj name APsauce, from leamington spa in the midlands started spinning the wax 15 years ago started out with trance and hard house but moved into house and never left since...DJ’d all over the midlands held residency at liquid in Ibiza and DJ’d for ministry of sound London...all about sharing the love

dj donno

Known as Donno and living in leicestershire UK I began my musical journey at the age of 9 discovering the Street Sounds Electro albums, began collecting them, during the birth of the rave scene i was invited to play on a local pirate station and given a regular weekly slot and continued as jungle was born then drum and bass. Current styles now vary from all avenues of DnB,Dubstep and ukg/Bassline.

dj simi

I'm a DJ since the age of 14, started at a radio, followed by years in clubs, i love house music, electro house, EDM ,mashup, bootlegs aswell Born in south of France, Currently living in the north frontier

dj cou

I'm DJ COU from north humberside a city called hull I'm the owner and founder of DJ COU entertainment I offer a range of DJ services including DJ tuition for people wanting to be a DJ I mix with nearly every genre of music ranging from the 50s to present my two main genres are DnB & Hardcore I first started when I was 15years old I was trained on vinyl by DJ connect & miss adrenaline I then moved on to cd decks and began to tutor 12to18year olds from a local community centre I now use all vinyl cd and digital technology to mix with

danny darko

Danny Darko
Is from Doncaster in the UK and has been spinning records since he was 17yrs old his genres range from bouncy/hardhouse, basslines, 4x4, Drum&bass and all genres of house from funky to tech
He does it for the love and not the fame it's just a hobby to him
Here are his webpages
For you to look at
Free mixes and downloads

Search FB Danny DarKo Doncaster

chris vannucci

Chris Vannucci is a House/Tech House Dj/Producer from Belfast Northern Ireland. Started with his first set of decks at the age of 12 after messing with his father's old school turntable he developed a connection with music a love that runs emotionally deep. Chris got his first residency at the age of 17 in a local nightclub playing House every weekend as a warm up Dj Before securing a regular spot. He quickly created hype with his energy and technical skills and crazy atmosphere behind the decks. Every weekend he had the club bouncing "this man does not stand still" which led to him featuring as a guest Dj and running his own nights in many clubs across Norther Ireland. Chris held a position as a resident Dj for the Original Planet Love Promotions all under formerly known by the alias Kidd Voo and made a name for himself on the NI Trance and Techno circuit. He then branched off at the age of 27 under his real name to come back to the path of where it all began for his passion and love for House/Tech House. Fresh back from Playing ibiza 2019 and looking forward to 2020 so join Chris on this journey.

funky angel

Funky Angel Is One Of The Midlands Finest Female Djs Having Played At Many Venues across the uk she is sure to please the crowd with her uplifting sets, she has won bpm dj of the year 2016 part of the dj duo 2funky, Having Guest sets on local underground radio stations She has recently started to produced her own mash-up tracks.


digital dozer


gazzy p




bass bin